OneBenthic Non-Native Species Tool

App purpose

This tool provides distribution records for benthic non-native species as identified by the UK Technical Advisory Group (UKTAG). First select species name from the drop-down list. Locations where the selected species has been found are coloured yellow on the map, with all other sampled locations coloured blue. In addition to distribution records, the tool also shows the species distribution range (min and max latitude and longitude) by year, providing an indication of possible spread. All positions are in decimal degrees latitude and longitude (WGS84). Data come from the OneBenthic database.

What is OneBenthic?

Large quantities of benthic data (macrofauna and sediment particle size) are now in the public domain, but are distriburted across multiple repositories. The purpose of OneBenthic, a PostgreSQL database, is to bring these disperate data together in one place, thereby aiding research and facilitating reuse of data.Taxon names are standardized according to the World Register of Marine Species. Many of the current key marine environmental issues (e.g. conservation of biodiversity, habitat mapping, marine spatial planning, effects of climate change, cumulative effects) require access to large datasets, and the database meets this need. OneBenthic links directly to a range of other apps providing useable information back to data providers (and the wider public). These apps, available from CefasOpenScience, include:

1. Baseline Tool
2. M-Test Tool
3. OneBenthic Survey Array Tool
4. Faunal Cluster ID Tool

These tools are actively being used by offshore marine industries and government for purposes of project planning, licence compliance monitoring and research.

Where do the data come from?

Data originate from multiple sources and providers, and were brought together in a study (Cooper and Barry, 2017) jointly funded by the Department for Food and Rural Affairs, the Marine Management Organisation, the British Marine Aggregate Producers Association, the Crown Estate and the Welsh Government. Data from this study were published (in csv format) with the kind permission of data providers. Subject to funding, new publicly available data will continue to be added to OneBenthic so that it continues to provide an up-to-date and complete source of UK benthic data.

Data Disclaimer

Whilst due care and attention has been exercised in the collation of OneBenthic data, Cefas assumes no responsibility for the quality or accuracy of the information. Users are advised to check data with the original source, and to critically assess whether data are fit for the user's intended purpose.


Want to include your data in the tool? Email:

We gratefully acknowledge all the individual data providers:


Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA); Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS); The Crown Estate; Natural Resources Wales (NRW); Department of the Environment Northern Ireland (DOENI); Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute; Natural England (NE) / Natural Resources Wales (NRW); Environment Agency (EA); Fisheries Research Services (FRS); Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC); Natural Resources Wales (NRW) / Environment Agency (EA); Natural Resources Wales (NRW) / School of Ocean Sciences (SOS); Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH); Marine Scotland (MS); Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)

Marine Aggregates

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Offshore Wind

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Oil & Gas

UKOOA; BP; Phillips; Britoil; Shell; Wintershall; Total; GDF Suez; Chevron; Gaz de France; BHP; Mobil; GDF Britain Limited


EDF Energy

Ports & Harbours

Dover Harbour Board (DHB)

OneBenthic is free to use but not to run. If you found the app useful then please consider joing existing funders to support the initiative. Thankyou!